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Rough Works

Rough construction, for the establishment of a smooth platform on the ground that has been brought to the appropriate strength. Pouring low-strength concrete called grobeton, preparation and placement of foundation bars, turning the foundation with appropriate formwork, pouring high-strength concrete for the foundation and related insulation, drainage, etc. With the completion of the works, preparing the iron reinforcements for the basement columns and beams and closing them with the appropriate formwork system, pouring concrete into the molds and repeating the iron and formwork concrete process for each floor. Can be summarized as follows. This process can be thought of as the construction of the carrier system of the structure, that is, the creation of the skeleton. Depending on the project, filling works with suitable material (gravel, soil, etc.) that need to be re-filled, as well as the assembly of pre-made precast equipment, if necessary, and works such as jacketing, drainage, etc. rough construction counted as items.

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